I like to keep it old school, simplicity is something i delight in.  I enjoy living for Christ, watching sunsets and sunrises, drinking coffee, helping people, traveling, life conversations and long walks on the beach… Below is a mission statement i strive to live my life by.

Live, love and seek tomorrow as if it were the last. Adapt to the unconditional challenges that life brings and grow from them. To constantly persist during times of hard and be creative in finding true passion in life. To live an illustrated life kindness and show genuine love to all i encounter, seeking the best in people.  To leave a legacy that is worth telling; to seek wisdom through the Lord; and follow wherever he may lead.


6 responses to “me”

  1. missannakay says :

    mister McCullock; officially added to my blogroll. thank you for being inspiring.

    thanks for finding me.

    • Joyce says :

      “Some men see things as they are and say ‘why’? Others dream things that never were and say , why not”

      George Bernard Shaw

  2. zackmccullock says :

    Thank you! 🙂

  3. Joyce says :

    Zack, You will find it, just keep looking. Grandma Joyce

  4. Rina says :

    I like your blog. I’ve just read your October one, and now I’ve decided to read your all previous posts.

  5. Zackary L. McCullock says :

    Rina, I really appreciate your readership!

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