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There’s something in the air today, it something, i know it. Its making me want to head for the mountains. To just go, to see, to belive that the world is bigger than this small town and my narrow priorities.

Every waking breath is taken by my routine here. Boring.

I want to give my breath to something bigger, something out there.

I want to get lost for awhile. I want to get lost in the beauty of Gods creation. Who’s with me?

The weather is perfect. My soul isĀ desirous. What more do we need?

A car. A tent. Some shoes and coffee. I’d be good. And an open soul.

Lets go.


I relocated

So, you know how you’ve eaten at the same place for awhile and you really just need to try something new? Well thats how i felt with this blog.

So i’m now blogging at:

So come check it out. It was time to switch it up a little.

Sorry for theĀ inconvenience.

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