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Sweet Disposition


Step 1. Follow all instructions listed.

Step 2. Scroll down and press play on the video but DON’T watch it, listen ONLY and proceed to read text posted beneath the video.

Step 3. Once finished reading the text, RE-START the video, click full screen button on the bottom left of video & MAX the volume.

Step 4. Watch the video and think deeply about life’s challenges, dreams, aspirations, etc.

Step 5. Repeat steps 1-4 as necessary.

DISCLAIMER:IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO FOLLOW ALL STEPS PRECISELY. Otherwise, persons participating may encounter regret and may not realize full potential in life.

Do you ever wonder if you’re taking life serious enough or maybe too serious? Sometimes I think a little of both. When I tend to think about life and the unavoidable but necessary steps it takes most of us through, I begin to analyze where I am at today, the current phase or stage that captivates me. My thoughts are many on this subject but here’s what I tend to settle with: live life, live on; life rarely gives second chances. Each day numbered by the seconds that tick away. Each breath used and abused, we have only so many. We’re searching for happiness, for something that will drive us into each new day with a lustful passion to carry onward. I don’t believe it’s about claiming happiness, I wholeheartedly support living in constant pursuit of happiness, the act and fulfillment of living happily is as a constant progression of the development of life itself. It is a projection that cannot be mirrored nor falsified. It’s not saying, “I’ve made it, I’m happy.” It is the act and art of seeking life, a pursuit that is capable of taking you anywhere. So remember, when life gets on your last nerve, maybe a tough situation or a stressful week, month or year: don’t take it too seriously, you’ve only got one life to live. Don’t hand over your emotional energy to something unworthy of it.



It’s something about a new day that brings a certain freshness and sense of revival. Something hopeful.  A  blank canvas, pure and ready to for a story to be written. I’m not sure what brings this thought, it may be my age or maybe not, but whatever it is, it’s been consuming my thoughts like a fire consumes dry land. I’ve finally adapted to a routine that works for me lately, maybe that’s it.  Such a routine that allows me to wander, explore and daydream. Yet still finding the time to accomplish my tedious must-do tasks throughout the days.

Though I find myself accustomed to this routine, there is always room improvement. I believe it’s the German rooted deep within me.  The need and want to seek perfection in the things I pursue. I’ve come up with a few things that  may or may not be of value. I seek to find value that is unshakable in focus.  We live in a time demanding world that doesn’t understand that language. Sometimes the hardest thing is to find meaning and focus on the same page, and hope that something doesn’t sweep away the thought before you can do something with it.

Lightly said, it’s important to check yourself, or you might wreck yourself.  You know it’s true. So what are the focus points in your life? What’s important and why is it important? They’re valuable questions that should be evaluated every now and again.

I want to strive to do these simple things I’ve listed below, in order, to hopefully find deeper value, meaning and focus in what I am doing. I encourage you to evaluate these and find some things that will work for you in whatever your order of importance is.

1. Get to sleep at a decent hour and wake up early, starting my day off on the right foot, ready to tackle a full day rested and cheerful.

2. Create more tasks lists, because checking things off a list is fun. (Pyramid style-most important to least important) keeping all of them challenging yet achievable.

3. Ignore technology for the first hour of my day. No radio, Facebook, Twitter, Email, phone calls, TV or text messages. Opening the ability for me to evaluate my day, and what i need to do to kick butt.

4. Brew some Joe to get my mind rolling and eat something to start-up that good old metabolism.

5. Exercise 3 times per week for at least 20-30 minutes. It’s a great way to improve your overall mood and its great thinking time, not to mention a perfect excuse to go outdoors or to the gym.

6. Socialize, good friends always seem to lighten the mood and leave you energized.

7. Lastly and most importantly. Plan quiet time with God and myself each day. We need counsel, seek it.

A friend randomly brought up some interesting conversation the other day while we were eating dinner. He said to me, in more or less words. If we focus on the day that faces us and we take care of the things relevant to the day, tomorrow deserves no worry. He means that if we are constantly moving in the direction that God wants us to move in, our steps are mapped much further than we can imagine. So we take life one day at a time, finding what’s important to the day and leaving tomorrow up to itself to be determined.

For You

Lord fill me with patience and perseverance. Be The Shepard of my thoughts and desires. Take my feelings; direct them as You will, Father. I want nothing more than Your hand in this. Lead and guide such adventure to the ending You have already in mind. Swing open the doors of Love widely so that we may Love And Be Loved. Guide this passion, our trust. This story.

Because without you? I am nothing.

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