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Chasing Dreams-Revised

As a kid i was told i could become whatever i wanted to become. You know what i wanted to be? Here they are in preference order.

1. Astronaut

2. Firefighter

3. Police Man

4. Race Car Driver

5. Superman.

I laugh when i think about the statement “You can be whatever you want to be, son.” I laugh not because i don’t believe. I laugh because i believe in that statement wholeheartedly. I still think that i can be whatever i want to be. Although my ideal job has changed from being an astronaut to a counselor, my mind still dreams of achieving what it wanderlusts about. Helping.

That goes to say, what we want may take extraordinary amounts of effort, sweat and tears. Dreams hardly come true with minimal effort. Often its what we fear most that keeps us from achieving our dreams. I know in many cases of my life, i have found that resistance is a test of how much you want something. What kind of effort are you willing to put in to achieve your goal/dream job/life/person.

Don’t be afraid to chase your dreams whatever they are. Because dreams are meant to be caught.


Summer Breeze

In this moment my hunger runs deep with the breeze as my hands roll with un-worldly distraction. My wanderings at a current halt find me here with the busyness of others ever-so speeding.

Wisdom has brought me here to only take me elsewhere.

As i leap through this path, this journey, the unknown is surely as beautiful as the butterfly that just landed near me.

Through these times i will strive and through the darkness i will shine. There is more to come, more to give and more to learn about this life i lead.

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