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“Truth is never limited to reality or sensation, but it is also not far away!!”

This is truth.


Can you Hear me

Maybe we’re better off listening rather than speaking.

Should we lay aside our wants and desires in order to truly find our needs?

A deep breath, a willing imagination and an open heart.

Slavery in the 21st Century

A little over a year ago my perception on slavery changed dramatically.  It was in Georgia. In Atlanta, Georgia, specifically. I was touring the Deep South with Invisible Children as a roadie, raising awareness for their cause. A movement in stride to end the longest running war in Africa. I had been offered an opportunity while on tour by my dear friend Brendon, to visit a conference about sex slavery in and around the world. At the time i was completely naïve to what I was about to learn. I felt a pull to go, so I went. I was tremendously wowed, there were organizations from all over the world fighting for one thing, FREEDOM. Freedom for people entrapped in sex slavery.

We heard stories from earlier slaves. We learned the inner working of one of the largest and fastest growing criminal industries in the world. We soaked it all in, word, by word. My perception of slavery had then been changed. It had changed previously from my U.S. History class into reality. It was tangible. We heard the stories first hand and saw the emotion, pain, and anguish involved in announcing such things publicly.  Please imagine a slave. A slave used only for sex. Used only for profit. A pure disregard for life. Imagine living that life for 5 years and then telling the story what happened to you. Imagine the wrenching emotion it would take to announce this in front of thousands of people.


There are 27 million slaves still in the world today.  That’s an astounding number! But, I believe that when individuals combine their passion, change happens inevitably.

Listen, I don’t expect you to start a movement and change the world, (feel free to do so) but, I do expect you to sit back. Grab your favorite beer and some popcorn and watch these two videos I’ve posted below.  Because the first step towards change is knowledge of what needs changing.

Watch this and this.

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