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I’m alive

Greg Laswell is an amazing artist that never seems to fail me with his creative melodies. I’ve been a fan of his music since i saw him play live in San Diego, amazing show!
This song encompasses my feeling of life very recently. Just Facing Life as it Is and making it up as you Go. Just Living Life as a Story not a repetitive routine. Not just about existing, but about Living. Not only about Second Chances, but about accepting our failed attempts and Pressing On. I love this song because it’s raw and it’s honest.

It’s what life should be about.

This song continues to resonate with me each and every time I hear it, it is a continuum for me to live more genuinely. As it has done for me, I wish it will do the same for you.


Our quest


Today I had a vision. It was a vision of change for those who cannot see that change is an available option–blindsided by pain and anguish, without options for better life. It was a vision for those that are trapped; dismantled and unable to find alleviation from their present situation.

Some say we are confined only to our own ability to recognize freedom. Although this is true for the general population, the general population isn’t the concern. The concern is the individuals that are embedded into slavery out of their control. Many forms of slavery date back to the beginning of time. It cannot be argued that many great philosophers, idealist and freedom fighters have made enormous strides in abolishing slavery throughout history.

Unfortunately slavery is not only still in existence today-but- slavery is one of the fastest growing criminal industries in the world. This issue is not foreign to the U.S.– in fact slavery is prevalent and growing in the U.S  as well as overseas. There are an estimated 6-8 hundred thousand women and children each year that are introduced into sex slavery just in the U.S. which is creating a multimillion dollar monster that will not begin to dissipate until something is done to stop it.

This is an international problem, it is a local problem, it’s simply a problem of a very complex criminal industry that is everywhere.

Check out these organizations that are fighting the modernday slave trade.

The Spero Project: Click here

O.A.T.H-Oklahomans Against Trafficking Humans: Click here

Human Click here

Invisible Children: Click here

Chasing thoughts

In search of a reason for this rhyme, knowing that time may allow this to shine.
I’m on the fallout, I feel it just around the corner. Leaving slowly and surely but leaving with an impression that will last, hopefully. Sometimes when the ball is rolling down the hill we chase it only to find out when we catch it, we must turn around and face the hill that we once ran down.
There is one question that remains today.
Will you chase the ball? Or will you let the ball roll just as it wants? The answer remains unknown, for now. All that is left to happen will happen as we go, not knowing how far away we’ll end up from where we started.
Only uncertainty is obvious, but my heart will not lead me astray, for it has paid its due’s.

Short seasons

It’s the season of Lent.

It is a familiar season for me. A season that refines my dependence upon God. It is a time to practice self-control and indulge in what God is showing me at this time in my life. Growing up in the church has led me to become accustom to the Christian tradition of Lent; sacrificing something you enjoy for 1 month. This year I have taken a different approach to Lent.  I’ve challenged myself by giving up something that’s not so easy to give up.  This Lenten season has been a greater challenge than all others, I am learning. I’m learning slowly but surely to celebrate my losses like I celebrate my victories, through God.

Life is easily lived as a mediocre Christian.

I know this because I’ve lived it. Mediocrity is easy; it requires only what you wish to input into your relationship with God.  To be honest and open about this subject we have to confront what type of life we are willing to live.  Are we willing to confront areas of life that are easily overlooked? Are we willing to lay all our cards on the table believing that God’s plan is greater than our own? These plaguing questions are important to God.

It takes courage and diligence to live unconventionally.

I understand this because, well,  unconventional is not so conventional.  I find Philippians 4 as a good verse to fall on when inadequacy seemingly creeps into life. I feel like this verse is easily misunderstood.  The verse says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” It does not say however, “I can do all things through Christ, it will be easy and I can still live my mediocre life free from hardship.” Donald Miller, one of my favorite author’s say’s, “Every good story must endure conflict.” I completely agree with his statement. Some of the greatest stories I’ve heard have overcome some unimaginable conflicts, which is exactly what makes them amazing stories.

Our journey in life is short-lived.

In my opinion, life is better off living for something greater than ourselves.  I am by no means a great example of this. I only try to do my best through Christ, who I rely on to teach, lead and strengthen me daily.

Here’s to the courage to face conflict, the bonding benefit of hardships, and to living better stories.” Donald Miller


I’ve been thinking about the past a lot lately.

The things that once entertained me, stretched me and created me into who i am today. As i think to different eras of my life each one brings back different memories. Time passes too quickly in my opinion and we grow up way too fast.  I remember back when i was just a young fellow in elementary school. I remember having two recesses each day of school and playing until i was drenched in sweat. It was what life was about… Having fun! Playing tether ball, soccer, playing basketball, football, fighting and chasing the cute girls until we caught them only to find out they weren’t so nice.

As i think back in nostalgia i remember a day that certainly left an impression on me.

It was just like every other day I was only 9 or 10 years old on the bus ride home from school. I still remember the sound of all the screaming kids and the distinctive roar of the old bus.  I was sitting in my seat minding my own business as always just waiting for my stop. As i waited there i looked across the aisle to see an older kid about 15 or 16.  As i glanced over at him we made a strange eye contact that i still remember to this day. He started blabbering to me and i remember ignoring him as i pretended to listen. The whole time i was thinking who is this weird kid? He looked greasy, he was older than me by a few years and he kept talking for no reason. What interest did he have in me i was wondering? I soon found out when he presumed to ask me if i had ever smoked the reefer. *Note*(For those of you who never got asked this question reefer is marijuana.) I thought to myself, what the heck is reefer? So, i asked him just that and his reply was one I’ll never forget. He said, “do you like broccoli?” and i replied, “Uh, no.” With a slight laugh. He went on to tell how smoking the jolly green stuff would make me like broccoli and that would impress my parents if i ate more vegetables.  Although this was something i was slightly interested in, impressing my parents. I wasn’t so sure i was willing to smoke anything this greasy kid was offering me. I was stunned, i had no idea what to say, i was a youngster, so i didn’t say anything back. I was only 10 at this time how was i supposed to know what reefer was or have any interest in eating more vegetables.

My stop finally came and i got off the bus as quick as i could.

On a side note, who asks a 10-year-old to smoke weed on the bus anyway?  As i finally made it home i told everyone this blasphemous story, i told all my friends and even my parents. My parents of course asked me if i smoked anything, and with a typical response i just smiled for a minute and said, no. The irony of this story is that it wasn’t until later i found out that this kid had no idea what he was talking about. Vegetables and the munchies are two totally different concepts.

This story is funny because…

Over the years we all come to the understanding of life differently, we create our own unique concepts and understanding of life differently. We are all unique byproducts of life; each with unique stories.

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