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Nuit Blanche

The irony, the story, the separation… It’s a collision of a million possibilities.


Jump first fear later

Today is beautiful.

It’s beautiful because we are free.We are free to live. To not only live freely but recklessly, full of ambition, joy, love and desire. Moments pass unnoticed, many days pass because of “routine”. Socially this way of living is acceptable… But why?

Take a moment to soak in the aspects of your life…..Your family, your goals, your routine, desires and wishes.

Now. Stop reading for a moment…. Put your hand on your heart! (not kidding, do it!)

Feel your heart beating. Feel it pumping through your chest. Duh-dum. Duh-dum. Duh-dum. About once every second, 60 times every minute, 360 times every hour, it beats without your awareness. Feel it beating right now, pumping away as if you don’t have a care in the world.

Your heart is a muscle, squeezing blood in and out, circulating throughout your body and brain. It is also a muscle that is wearing out. This very second, as it continues to beat, it is slowing, inevitably, expiring as every beat passes. Each of us is allocated only a certain number of heartbeats before the heart just stops beating altogether.

Now think about all the heartbeats that you waste every minute, every hour, every day. Think about all the heartbeats you give away when you’re bored and wile away time as if you have all the heartbeats in the world. But you don’t. Maybe a hundred left. Or a thousand. Or even a million. But the number is finite.

So the question remains: What do you intend to do with the precious few heartbeats you have left?

If you actually followed this process, if you really paid attention to its implications, your heart rate has most likely increased.  Thinking about death and your eventual demise is terrifying… Yet according to the existentialist, it is actually death that saves us, that motivates us to live life more intensely and passionately. If every heartbeat is a gift, if at any moment your heard could stop beating, or an artery explode in your brain, or a piano fall on your head, what choices are you making to become more intensely involved in living and accept responsibility for your life. Live with intention. Find purpose in this beautiful life we’ve generously been granted.

If that doesn’t get your attention, you weren’t listening.

My dance isn’t your dance…

Our innermost selves are revealed when we are bare.

Our souls shine vibrantly when we are true to who we are. Time is factual and it’s the only thing that will determine what we’ll become.

Life inevitably accommodates us with struggle and resistance that will confine us if we do not seek refinement. We hold the responsibility and initiative to continue to change, to flourish.

Nothing other than God is worthy of consuming us.

It is up to us to determine what is important in our own lives. Whether we see fit change or not. God created us, he knows our lives are delicately mailable. We’re adaptive, inventive, and full of ingenuity. That’s the glory of this life.

This is my theory.

With time we’ll find the right rhyme and in that moment we’ll shine.

Be Inspired

We all have the ability to create.

Create something today, it’s good for your soul.

This post is credited to Debbi McCullock (AKA my mother) she found this video and it reminds me of some feelings that I’ve once experienced myself.

Experiences that have inspired me beyond any belief of my imagination, feelings that have changed me deeply.


“The battle for justice in the world is not fought where we think it is.  The struggle against injustice is not fought on the battlefield of power or truth or even righteousness.  There are pitched battles waged on these ramparts, but the war is ultimately won or lost on a more forward front.  In the end the battle against oppression stands or falls on the battlefield of HOPE.”
Gary Haugen, Good News About Injustice

Spero=Latin for ‘hope’
The Spero Project exists to provide avenues that move awareness into action.  Specializing in “Next Step Networking,” our passion is connecting people with the relationships and resources they need to take the ‘next step’ in confronting issues they care about in their local and global communities.

–The Spero Project Home Page–

February First

A purpose in life is satisfaction.

Life with no purpose is not life.

Life’s  precious. Life should be full. Life at best is story and song echoing.

Live with a purpose, for a purpose and you will find your purpose.

Click Here-Watch A Purpose

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